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About The Game

Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game uses an award-winning game system that’s quick to learn with considerable depth, capturing the spirit of this wondrous world. Tales of Xadia is accessible to newcomers to Cortex or The Dragon Prince, with plenty to offer for longtime gamers and fans.

  • Narrative-focused traits and archetypes quickly bring your character and stories to life and make them feel like they truly belong in the world of Xadia.
  • Uses a simple dice pool mechanic in which you add two of your dice results together and compare against an opposing roll. Uses gaming dice of four, six, eight, ten, and twelve sides.
  • Player-centered choices influence the story by gaining the support of powerful allies or making dangerous enemies. “Catalysts” are key characters whose values and significant assets grow and change based on player decisions, allowing for dozens of potential outcomes and twists.

About The World

Xadia is a land long divided between the humans in the west and the elves beyond the dragon-guarded Border, but the six primal sources of magic still connect them. This fantastical world comes to life as your characters forge alliances, uncover secrets, engage in mighty battles, and protect those they love from peril and prophecy.

  • Play as elves or humans with rich and flavorful backgrounds from all over the continent of Xadia.
  • Explore all-new lore and secrets that go beyond the story of The Dragon Prince with an exhaustive gazetteer and chapter on primal magic.
  • Become part of the unfolding story of The Dragon Prince as you and your friends join a growing community of fans telling new tales of Xadia, including official organized play scenarios and content.

About The Tools

Experience Fandom’s game-changing tabletop RPG digital platform, fine-tuned for Tales of Xadia.

  • Focus on playing instead of searching through rules. Our digital tools make gameplay faster and keep the fun at the front as you bring all the magic and wonder of The Dragon Prince to your table.
  • Create and manage your own character journals online, tracking your character’s values, attributes, and other traits.
  • As the Narrator, run the game with confidence using our connected session-tracking tools.

About The Community

Share your characters, catalysts, and homemade tales with other fans in a growing online community.

  • Invite people to join your group and start playing right away, from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Discuss new content, consequences, and continuity with a shared game compendium.
  • Schedule sessions, manage groups, and unlock exclusive content in our organized play program.

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Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game is produced by Dire Wolf Digital, LLC under licence from Wonderstorm, inc.